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The link to this website is not prohibited, but please do so after looking through
the precautions below, and please notify us through the link contact form after linking our website.

Notification on linking to the website
1. The website information and URL may change without any advance notice.
2. Please set the setting, so that the website opens in a new window.
3. Please set the link destination to the top page(http://www.iai-robot.co.th/).
4. The company logo and data inclusive of photo・PDF・CAD data shall not be used without permission of our company.
5. Please present our company name as 「IAI Co., Ltd.」, or 「IAI」.
Link contacting method
There are no necessity to application・approval to create links, but please notify us by filling the required items in entry form, and sending them through clicking the「Send」button.
Inquiries・Others may be done here → info@iai-robot.co.th
・The entered customer information will be used to contact the person in charge of your company website.

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