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 <Single Unit Catalogue>



Elecylinder Belt® Drive Type


Elecylinder® Ultra-Large Slider Type


SCARA Robot IXA Dust-proof/Splash-proof Type


Elecylinder® Dust-proof/Splash-proof Slider Type


Ultra-Compact Elecylinder


Elecylinder® Stopper Cylinder


Elecylinder® Double-guided Rod Type


Elecylinder® Wide Slider Type


Elecylinder® Clean Room Type


Elecylinder® Long-Stroke Slider


IXA Cleanroom Type


IFA Belt Driven Actuator


SCARA IXA High Payload Type (Arm Length 1000/1200mm)


ROBO Cylinder® Pulse Press


Elecylinder® Gripper Type


Elecylinder® Mini Type RP-5/GD5/TC5/TW5


SCARA Robot IXA Arm Length 800/1000mm Type


TB-03E/TB-02E teaching pendant with dedicated power supply unit for Elecylinder®


ISB Series Large Type


NSA Long-Stroke Type


Elecylinder® Large Slider Type




Elecylinder® Rotary Type

 <Overview Catalogue>


[Overview Catalogue 2023]


 <Easy-to-understand FA Lecture>



Case Study [Case Study for Automated Machine Design Cost Savings]


Case Study [Case Study for Mechanical Jig Production]

 User's manual・Other information materials

 <User's manual>

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※To support environment protections and global warmings preventions, we do not provide user's manual in paper form, but we do so with 「charges」, if the manuals in paper form are needed. Please request by filling in the title of the user's manual here.

The price varies depending on the number of pages, which is about 1000 yen to 3000 yen (for instruction manual in Japanese).
For details, please contact our nearest sales office.

Please note the desired information materials by marking on to it.

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