New product information

Series added
Clean specification/Dustproof・Splashproof specification are added.
(Released on 24th February 2016)
Series added
Arm length 180/250/550/650 are added.
(Released on 27th April 2015)

Features of PowerCon SCARA IXP Series (Pulse Motor Type)

Features 1 Pulse Motor help achieve the lower price.

The high output driver adopted enables it to bear the payload equivalent to of the products before.

Features 2 Standard-installed with battery-less absolute encoder

Battery absolute encoder comes as a standard, no battery required.
There is no process of changing battery required, and it reduce the number of maintenance work.

Merit of Battery less absolute

  • ● With Battery error, there will be no machine stop occur (Electric trip etc.)
  • ● No cost for changing battery.
  • ● No process of battery changing for absolute reset

Features 3 Lighter than the conventional products

Features 4 3-axis specification・Gripper-equipped 4-axis New specifications added

A 3 axis spec with strengthened allowable inertia load moment is prepared by omitting rotating axis. Also, with special gripper, can build a structure of transfer robot easily.
※ The type with gripper can be SCARA robot 3 axis + gripper 1 axis then become 4 axis.

Features 5 Product line-ups

Features 1 High improvement in numbers of program and positions

Improvement in the storage capacity leading to large improvement in the numbers of program and the numbers of positions.

XSEL-PX (Conventional product) MSEL (New product)
number of program 128 255
Number of position 20,000 30,000

Features 2 Smaller size

This compact size is much smaller than the current controller with the size of 130mm width x 195mm height, and able to save a space of control panel.
Also the mounting method can be screw installation type of DIN rail installation type.

Features 3 Supports safety category

It is compatible to the safety circuit on safety category 1-3 by building an external circuit.

Features 4 Supports a wide variety of I/O interface

It is possible to use 1 slot of extension I/O slot and added to standard PIO (IN: 16 points, OUT: 16 points)
Select extension I/O between PIO (IN:16 points, OUT:16 points) or field network (CC-Link、DeviceNet、PROFIBUS-DP、EtherNet/IP).