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Introduction of the Servo-press Compatible Load Cell-equipped ROBO Cylinder
Series added
All RCS3 rod type models are now standard installed with batteryless absolute encoder. As an addition, high weight capacity rod type is now available.
(Released on 29th September 2017)
Features added
Series added
RA4R/RA15R/RA20R are now available as the servo press compatible ROBO Cylinder®!
(Released on 7th March 2016)

Distinctive features of the Servo-press Compatible Load Cell-equipped ROBO Cylinder®

Feature 1 Equipped with servo-press specification

An expansion was added in to the servo-press specification. This ROBO Cylinder has a standard-equipped load cell, and made able to perform force-control.

What does the term "pressing motion" means?
Pressing motion refers to a function which allows the rods or sliders to have its position maintained while having it pressed against the work, just as how Air Cylinders work.
Servo-press has an excellent stopping stability, making it suitable for pressing motions.
It gives a wide range of usage as it can be used in high pressing force required process such as pressurizing and caulking.
What does the term "force-control" means?
It refers to the dedicated load cell equipped to actuator. This load cell allows a high precision pressing control as it controls the pressing motions utilizing the feedback data of the pressing force.
What does the term "servo-press specification" means?
The press program provides multiple selection for the usable types of pressing motion.

Feature 2 Highly precise load-control

The dedicated load cell installed in the tip of the rod detects the load applied against the press target. The load detection brings a large benefit to the repetitive load accuracy for load controls, enhancing its value up to ±0.5%F.S.(Full Scale).

Feature 3 An ample line-up

The selectable type includes the 4 newly introduced type, allowing a choice from wide selection between 600N~19600N.
The wide range of choice allows you to find the tool which fulfill your wants.

Feature 4 Connectable with external devices

Weight load data can be output as analogue signal (4-20mA).
Commercial load displaying devices can be used to
display displacement-load graph, judgment,etc.
Pulse counters are also connectable as to find out
the feedback impulse.