IAI JapanCorporate History

1976 April
  • Established the company with capital of 2 million yen at 75 Nishi Takahara-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city
  • Company name at the establishment: Shimizu Kiden Co., Ltd.
  • The company name "Shimizu Kiden" is named after the name of city where the company is established "Shimizu" with essence of our target "Applying mechanical technology and electronics/electronic technology, in order to develop technological products harmonizing such technologies"
1978 July
  • Moved to 1935 Miho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city
1981 April
  • Moved the Head office and factory to 105-1 Obane, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city

Four Axle Sealing Machine

  • Manufacture and sales of Four Axle Sealing Machine
  • Four Axle Sealing Machine used to use an actuator manufactured by third-party, however we changed our operation and started developing a ROBO on full-scale.
1983 April
  • Became a member of Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Developed a high-speed image processing machine
1986 October

The first IA machine in showroom

  • Manufacturing and sales of small sized single axis robot with built-in microcomputer "IA" was released
  • IA is the abbreviation of Intelligent Actuator
1989 April

IAI 's head office of overseas affiliated company in U.S.A.

  • American sales company IAI America, Inc. was established in Los Angels with capital of 30,000 USD
  • Increased capital to 30 million yen
1991 October

Chicago office

  • A sales office was established in Chicago
  • Started to provide technical services in U.S.A.
1992 May
  • Achieved the sales of 30,000 sets IA (Intelligent Actuator)

Head office (present: Hirose Office)

  • Company name was changed to IAI Corporation.
  • IAI is the abbreviation of Intelligent Actuator Incorporated
  • The head office and factory is moved to newly built building at 645-1 Hirose, Shizuoka-city
1995 September

Overseas affiliated company in Germany (Office is located on 1st floor)

  • European sales company IAI IndustrieROBOter GmbH was established in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Follow to Germany, the sells network was expanded to U.K., Italia, France, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Ireland.

IS orthogonal Robots ICS3

  • Sells of IS series were released
1997 February
  • Sales offices were established in Shizuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagano
  • Achieved the sales of 100,000 sets IA (Intelligent Actuator)
  • Nagoya sales office was established
1998 May
  • Sendai sales office was established
1999 June
  • Kumagaya sales office was established

ROBO Cylinder

  • Earth friendly electric cylinder "ROBO Cylinder" series were released.
  • The "ROBO Cylinder", which have high accuracy, rigidity, and functionality and obtained significant reduce in it's cost by simplified controller, was became one of main products from IAI.
2000 January
  • Toyota sales office was established
  • Kyoto sales office was established
2001 January
  • Niigata sales office was established
  • Hiroshima sales office was established
  • Matsuyama sales office was established
  • Kanazawa sales office was established
  • Utsunomiya sales office was established
  • Kumagaya branch was reformed to Kumagata sales office
  • Atsugi sales office was established
  • Acquired ISO 9001 certification
2002 October

Linear servo actuator

  • Linear servo actuator was released

SCARA Robot IX series

  • SCARA Robot IX series were released
2003 May
  • Okayama sales office was established
  • Ibaraki sales office was established
  • Achieved the sales of 300,000 sets IA (Intelligent Actuator)
2004 August

Obane factory

  • Obane new factory was complete
  • New factory was built by integrating 4 factories (main assembly shop at Hirose, ex-Obane, Nagasaki, Yokosuna) and 3 warehouses (Ihara, Nagasaki, Sodeshi) which located around Shimizu area
  • Kumamoto sales office was established
  • Hamamatsu sales office was established
2006 July

"New ROBO Cylinder" series

  • "New ROBO Cylinder" series were released.
  • Conventional ROBO Cylinder was up-graded and new type was released.
  • Tama sales office was established
  • Koufu sales office was established
2007 January

Technical service company in China "IAI Shanghai" (the office is located on 4th fl.,)

  • IAI(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. was established in Shanghai, to provide more services within China.

New project for agriculture field "Eco-farm department"

  • "Eco-farm department (Agricultural research department)" was established.
  • New agriculture, new research will be done at the farm created mainly for organic farming.

Built a new head office

  • Head office was moved to a newly built building at the south of Obane Factory, Shimizu-ku
  • The windows of new head office shows the word "heart" lightly. We put our wishes here;
  1. 1. Work from your sincere heart.
  2. 2. Work together with your client to feel and understand each other.
  3. 3. Thank to client, thank to all people surrounding, from your sincere heart.
  4. 4. Keep wishing a company improved.
  5. 5. Work together in close cooperation with people.
2008 April
  • Oita branch was established
  • Hyogo branch was established
  • Morioka branch was established
2009 April

Compact type ROBO Cylinder

  • Next generation electrical cylinder, Compact-Sized Actuators series, which obtains the client's needs which wish to have "Smaller" machine, were released.
  1. 1. Compact-sized (Space-saving
  2. 2. Shape and usability is similar to Air Cylinder type
  3. 3. Rich variation
2010 March

MEC Controller for the ROBO Cylinder

  • The controller for the ROBO Cylinder "MEC" was released. It is easy to set up, even for people who use this at first time.
  • Online-shop for electric cylinder called "iai-netstore.com" is launched.

Eco Action 21

  • Certified with Environmental management system "Eco Action 21"
2011 February
  • Achieved the sales of 1,000,000 sets IA (Intelligent Actuator)
  • In order to provide more sales and services in South China, Shenzhen sales office was established in Shenzhen.
2012 August
  • Sales office was promoted to Shenzhen branch office in Shenzhen, China
  • Started providing Technical Support (e.g. seminar, repair etc)
2013 March

IAI Robot (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

  • Sales company in South East Asia IAI Robot (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok, Thailand
2014 January Fujinomiya factory was established