Privacy policy

IAI Robot (Thailand) Co., Ltd (「IAI」 hereafter) recognize the seriousness in handling the personal information, and handles them in adherence to the regulations below.

  1. 1. Maintain and enhance the personal information protection system in adherence to any applicable laws and regulations.
  2. 2. To gather information used to classify an individual who exists (hereafter referred to as "personal information"). IAI will seek the information subject's consent if it needs to collect, use, or disclose the information, and will use it with the highest caution. (hereafter referred to as "the information subject").
  3. 3. Any personal information collected through illegal or unlawful means are never to be collected, kept or to be utilized.
  4. 4. The collection of personal information will be limited to those needed for the utilization purpose.
  5. 5. The personal information kept will never be utilized for any other reasons but of those clarified as the utilization purpose.
    The user has to be notified beforehand whenever a personal information is to be utilized for any other reasons clarified in the utilization purpose, providing an opportunity to the user to decide on this matter.
  6. 6. All personal information kept shall be updated to the extent 「IAI」 is able to, and the information shall be managed safely, preventing leakage through crimes such as theft, accidents such as missing data.
  7. 7. The personal information kept shall not be declared or given to any third party, unless the law enforces the declaration.
  8. 8. Whenever any personal information gets entrusted to the outside of the company in any business affairs (excluding cases such as shippings and postings, where the reasons are clear and needed based on the utilization purpose.), there will be an agreement concluded to overseer the entrusted party, by prohibiting any usage of the personal information out of the original purpose, prohibiting information leakings(includes re-providing), and managing them safely.
  9. 9. All requests such as declaration and revision of the personal information, and suspension of use, shall be given a quick response in a rational range. But in some cases, the user verification might be required, and we might not be able to cope with the request if the user has failed to verify him/herself.
    Proposals and inquiries shall be done through the following contact methods.
    Through electronic mails
    Through mails
    • 825, 7th Floor, Phairojkijja Tower, Debaratana Road,
    • Bang Na Nuea Sub-district, Bang Na District, Bangkok.
    Through phone calls
    • TEL: 0-2361-4457-9/FAX: 0-2361-4456
    • Please take note that we do not accept any proposals through direct visits to the company. We ask for your kind understanding.
  10. 10. This personal information protection policy may be altered along enactment or alteration of laws, or in order to protect personal information. If such takes place, the effect takes place through the amendment of the personal information protection policy in 「IAI」 web page.
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