Thank you very much for your daily, continuous support for our company products.
We would like to notify the errors found on the catalogues ・user's manual published a time ago.

Introduction of the catalogue errata

In a sincere apology, we would like to announce that the catalogues published by us contained errors.
Please refer to the contents of the 「Errata PDF File」 if you have any of the catalogues below.

Catalogue Title Catalogue Number Publication Date Errata PDF File【Volume】 Errata Implemented Catalogue
PLC Function Equipped 6-Axis type
CJ0216-1A March 2014 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0216-1A-1.pdf(PDF: 149KB) Catalogue
ROBO Cylinder
Position Controller ACON-CA
Mini Cylinder Position
Controller DCON-CA
CJ0211-1A December 2013 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0211-1A.pdf(PDF: 337KB) Catalogue
Gripper Vertical Series CJ0207-1A November 2013 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0207-1A.pdf(PDF: 39KB) Catalogue
Table Top type
Robot TTA
CJ0206-1A October 2013 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0206-1A.pdf(PDF: 0.1MB) Catalogue
Robo Cylinder
Overview Catalogue 2013
CJ0203-1A August 2013 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0203-1A.pdf(PDF: 9.6MB) To the catalogue download page
ROBO Cylinder
Large Diameter Mid-Air Rotary
CJ0167-1A August 2010 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0167-1A-1.pdf(PDF: 0.6MB) Catalogue
Robo Cylinder
Overview Catalogue 2010
CJ0159-1A March 2010 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0159-1A.pdf(PDF: 1.0MB) To the catalogue download page
Compact type ROBO Cylinder CJ0143-5A August 2011 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0143-5A.pdf(PDF: 89KB) Catalogue
CJ0143-3A September 2009 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0143-3A.pdf(PDF: 0.9MB)
CJ0143-2A May 2009 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0143-2A.pdf(PDF: 0.3MB)
CJ0143-1A April 2009 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0143-1A.pdf(PDF: 0.7MB)
RCP4/Power-Con150 PCON-CA CJ0182-2A September 2011 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0182-1A_2A.pdf(PDF: 0.2MB) Catalogue
Controller Combined type
ROBO Cylinder
ERC3 Series
CJ0184-1A September 2011 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0184-1A.pdf(PDF: 0.9MB) Catalogue
Industrial Robot
Overview Catalogue 2012
CJ0188-1A April 2012 SEIGOHYOU_CJ0188-1A.pdf(PDF: 4.2MB) To the catalogue download page