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PC Software is available to download for free.

Download Calculator

You can download the calculator here.

Once downloaded, unzip the downloaded file. Click on to the "exe file" in the folder to proceed to install.
For 32bit/64bit OS: setup_IAI_Calculator_4.0.1.0_A.zip(9.65MB)

Name/Specification Vers
Supporting OS Release date Download User's manual
V4.0.1.0_A Windows7
Windows 10
April 2022 setup_IAI_Calculator_4.0.1.0_A.zip(9.65MB) ⇒ Download page


1. ".NET Framework 4.5.2 and above" is required to execute the software.

2. If you are using a 64bit version of the OS and have installed V1.0.4.0
or earlier, please uninstall the calculator
before installing V1.0.5.0 or later.

3. If you have installed V1.0.5.0 but cannot start the calculator due to an error,
please upgrade to V1.0.6.0 or later.

How-to Video