Concerning the daily maintenance

Introduces the daily maintenance of the IAI products, using each model representatives as an example. Please use these information as a reference for inspection timing, cleaning method and maintenance method.

Daily maintenance is encouraged for troubles, breakdown preventions.

To begin with

The motor used in the product needs to be replaced whenever it malfunctions(stops moving), or the performance drops.

Based on the structure of the actuator, there are some where motor replacings are possible, and others impossible.
If it was possible, yet difficult, please send the product to us to work against it, or contact our service member to for the in-site replacing work.

Please refer to 『Motor Replacings』 of 『Maintenance and Inspections』 in the user's manual of the current actuator in use, for the possibility of the motor replacements and its details. User's manual could be downloaded from below. User registration is required in order to download.

Download page of the user's manual

If replacings are required, please contact our 24-hour operating call centre, the 「IAI Customer Call Centre "Eight"」, or the nearest business office.

List of the business office guides

Motor Replacing Procedure

Explains the procedure using the easy-to-replace RCP3(Slider type) as an example.

  1. 1 Remove the cable attached to the motor unit, and remove the screw which fixes the actuator to motor unit using a hexagonal wrench.
  1. 2 Remove the motor unit.
  1. 3 Adjust the actuator side and new motor unit's salient part and the slits so that both meets. Apply grease to the coupling section.
  1. 4 Attach the new motor unit in a manner that the salient part fits to the slit.
  1. 5 Tighten the screw which fixed the motor unit to actuator, using a hexagonal wrench.