Download software CAD designs

Please use the CAD drawing based on your purpose, as there are 2 CAD drawing types available.

2 dimensional CAD drawing

The 2 dimensional CAD drawing with the typical specification can be downloaded here.

Supported format


Stroke specification

Can't be specified The typical stroke (specification) CAD drawing for a single unit is available.

Download path・Others

Download from the IAI home page

Parametric CAD drawing

3 dimensional/2 dimensional CAD data can be downloaded by specifying the specifications.

Supported format
3 dimensional
  • Intermediate format
    STEP, SAT, IGES, AutoCAD etc.
  • Native format SolidWorks,
    CATIA, Pro/E etc.
2 dimensional
  • Intermediate format DXF,
    DWG etc.
  • Native format STEP, SAT,
    IGES, AutoCAD etc.
Stroke specification

Can be selected. The CAD drawing which corresponds to the required strokes (specifications) can be downloaded here.

Download path・Others

Download through the service provided by 「PARTcommunity」(separate user registration will be required).