Parametric CAD drawing

The overview of the parametric CAD drawing and the warnings given against the service users, are shown here.

What is a parametric CAD drawing?

「Parametric CAD drawing」is a service which enables you to download the needed CAD drawing (3 dimensional / 2 dimensional) by specifying the strokes, options, etc. on the screen.

PART community supporting file
Supported file format
3 dimensional 2 dimensional
Intermediate file Native file Intermediate file Native file
  • STEP
  • SAT
  • IGES, etc.
  • SolidWorks
  • Pro/E
  • Inventor, etc.
  • DXF
  • DWG, etc.
  • AutoCAD

Supporting conditions of each products

Please refer to the compatibility list here for the supporting conditions of the parametric CAD drawing, for each product series.

Note・To use

  • You will be required to be registered as a 「PARTcommunity」 page user in order to use the parametric CAD drawing service. (There are no inter-operabilities with any registration done in IAI.)
  • Please install and upgrade versions, as there will be a requirement for the latest Microsoft Internet Explore(Windows version) and plug-in software based on cases.
  • Please inquire 「web2CADjapan」 for instructions and details.
  • Please inquire to the electronic mail address below, if the desired CAD drawings can't be found.