Product classification

IAI Electric Actuator (Industrial Robot) offers plenty of lineup such as ROBO Cylinder (Electric Cylinder), Single axis robot, Orthogonal robot, SCARA robot (Horizontal multi joint robot), Linear servo actuator etc. for customer to select the suitable robot to meet their application.

To save more space change to electric cylinder.
The operation is as simple as air cylinder

Various line up of high performance, convenience and economic effeiciency to serve customer needs.

High accuracy positioning device.
Reduce work process of design, adjustment and lower cost.

Full line up that serve various application. New encoder system product also available.

Variety combination, wide operating range and high speed performance are now effective. Also a line up of lower price product.

High Speed and high acceleration/deceleration creates a shorter cycle time. Square motion range is highly efficient.

Usability and high function are packed into the compact form. Robots with lower cost.

A top class with high performance. Significantly improved on Usability.

Various Line Up Options for 3 operation patterns to match customer control.