Controller/Other option

Various Line Up Options for 3 operation patterns to match customer control.

The customer can select IAI controller from 3 different operation patterns of positioner/program/pulse train to match their our own controlling. Please select from an abundant Line Up to meet the application.

Features 1 A small industrial robot that is easy to use.

Customer can select controller that operates single/orthogonal robot from 3 types below to comply with the controlling style.

Positioner Operation

It is easy to control to move by only specifying the number of position No. using PIO from above PLC.

Program Operation

By making program, the above device will no longer be required. Even a beginner can easily write program for a complicate operation by using SEL language .

Pulse Train Input Operation

It is possible to control on pulse train using positioning module etc.
Positioning may be done freely without being troubled by their position data.

Features 2 High Function and High Performance

  • XSEL Controller can record 128 programs, multi task 16 programs, and positioning at maximum of 20,000 points.
  • XSEL Controller can operate actuator at maximum of 6 axises or a total of 2400W.
  • Single Axis Controller can operate actuator at maximum 750W.
  • Same as an air cylinder, this "Pushing Operation" can push and hold object.
  • Connectable to field network such as DeviceNet, CC-Link, ProfiBus and Ethernet.

Features 3 Expansion I/O Board

XSEL Controller can be used with Expansion I/O Board, Serial IO Board, or Network Board (DeviceNet, CC-Link, ProfiBus, Ethernet) etc. as an option except for PIO standard device (Input 32 points/Output 16 points).

Features 4 Safety

Controller comply's to European safety standards (EU Regulation) and supports the CE marking.
This line up is a global specification that also correspond※1 to other ANSI Standard typically for safety category that support up to category 4.
Feel free to use this device even in overseas.

  • ※1 It is necessary to have ANSI Teaching Box to be able to comply with ANSI Standard.
  • Device Net is a registered trademark of ODVA.
  • CC-Link is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
  • ProfiBus is a registered trademark of SIEMENS.
  • EtherCAT is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.
  • MECHATROLINK is a registered trademark of MECHATROLINK.
  • CompoNet is a registered trademark of Omron Corporation.

Positioner Type

Positioner Type operation controller remembers and stores the position data in to the controller, allowing it to be controlled based on position numbers specified through signals. Especially PMEC/AMEC and PSEP/ASEP Controller specializes in 2 or 3 points moving position that can work with the same signal as air cylinder.

Controller for ROBO Cylinder® equipped with DC Brushless Motor.

DSEP3 Positions Controller for RCD.

DCON-CAPosition Controller for RCD.

Controller for Single Axis Robot, Orthogonal Robot, ROBO Cylinder® (RCS2/RCS3)

SCON-CALPosition controller
for RCS2/RCS3/single-axis/slider type robots

MSEPPosition Controller for RCP4

  • RCP4 does not correspond to high-output operation.

MSEP-C/LCPosition Controller for RCP5 (Power Con)/RCP4
(Power Con)/RCP3, RCP2, RCA2, RCA, RCD.

Program Type

Program Type is a controller that has a program inside and executes the program to operate.
Controller alone can operate and be able to communicate between controller and device nearby through the program, so if it is a small equipment then there is no need for PLC and that will be a cost reduction.

Controller for 1axis 2axis specification, for Single axis robot, and for Orthogonal Robot .

XSELMulti axis controller drive program.

J (Small type)/K (Normal type)/P (Large capacity type)/Q (Large capacity type global specification)/KE (CE compatible type)/KT (Global specification)/KET (Global CE compatible specification)

  • Please inquire us if you may require 2 dimensional CAD drawing and/or 3 dimensional CAD drawing in KE/KT/KET.

Controller for SCARA Robot and CT4 High Speed Orthogonal Robot.

MSELController for Power Con SCARA Robot.


XSELController for SCARA Robot.

JX/KX/KETX/PX (Large Capacity Type)/QX (Large Capacity Type)

  • Please inquire us if you may require 2 dimensional CAD drawing and/or 3 dimensional CAD drawing in KE/KT/KET.

XSELProgrammable controller
for CT4 High speed orthogonal robot.


XSELProgram Controller
for Extra Large SCARA.


XSELProgram Controller
8 Axis.


Network Type

Network type is a controller that corresponds to field network or serial communication.
It is compatible to all the major field network used in domestic and oversea. And experience the high affinity to each type of FA device such as PLC or touch panel.

Each Type of ROBO Cylinder®, Single Axis, Orthogonal Robot

Field Network Compatible Controller PCON-CB/ACON-CB/DCON-CA/SCON-CB/

This supports main Network

Network Compatibility

CC-Link/CC-Link IE Feld/CompoNet/DeviceNet/Ethernet/IP/

  • Network compatibility may differ depending on the type of controller. For more information, please see the catalogue PDF .

Click here for the list of compatible networks/catalogue