ROBO Cylinder

Various line up of high performance, convenience and economic effeiciency to serve customer needs.

Electric Cylinder - ROBO Cylinder equipped with ball screw, linear guide, and AC servo motor. New generation of a lower price electric cylinder that provides a convenience function, like high rigidity, acceleration, or speed control, which based on a know-how of single axis robot at the same time keep the price to the same level of rod less air cylinder.

Features 1 Easy to install.

  • Same as air cylinder that able to install to any type.
  • Easy as no program required. (PCON, ACON, SCON)
  • No stick & slip phenomenon during low speed like in air cylinder.
  • Easy to change speed and acceleration.
  • Also easy to do preparation for line changing after operate.

Features 2 High Performance.

  • Multi positioning point up to 512 points.
  • Repeating positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
  • Able to connect to field network.
  • It is also corresponding to customer control by pulse train.
  • PSEL, ASEL, SSEL controller is programmable using SEL language.
  • Capable of pressing operation, pitch feeding, zone output, pause input, changing speed during operation and individual setting for acceleration speed.

Features 3 Energy Saving

  • Running cost is 1/3~1/10 of air cylinder.
  • Environment friendly as there is no oil mist.

Features 4 Maintenance Free

  • Standard equipped with AQ seal that solidify lubricant oil to be resin.
  • To reduce number of times to top up grease until limit.
    (long term maintenance free for 5,000km or 3 years including grease)

Features 5 Variation Enrichment.

  • Actuator is available in 4 series ERC2, RCP2, RCA, RCS2.
  • This offers 3 different motor mounting spec (Coupling spec, Built-in spec, Motor reversing spec) on both slider type and rod type by considering of ability to maintenance or mounting space.
  • Controller is position controller (PCON, ACON, SCON) and program controller (PSEL, ASEL, SSEL, XSEL).
  • Controller can select various control mode. (Refer to table below)
Type Feature
Positioner Type This type use I/O parallel like in a standard system.
Solenoid valve type There is no need to have start signal as for the solenoid valve in air cylinder, just turn on 3 terminals then it will move to those 3 corresponding positions.
Serial communication type This type will operate the position that has been set up serial communication such as field network.
Pulse train input type There is no need to setup position for controller in ROBO Cylinder. This type move directly using pulse train from PLC etc.

Batteryless Absolute Encoder Standard-InstalledRCP6 Series

The next generation ROBO cylinder® has the batteryless absolute encoder installed as its standard feature.

24V Pulse motor

RCP5 series with standard battery less absolute encoder.

No need to change battery, no expense, and no adjustment for Batteryless Absolute Encoder.

Electric cylinder RCP4 series with maximum speed 1.5 times, load capacity 2 times.

RCP4 series is an electric cylinder combined with new model of controller "Power Con 150 PCON-CA" that can perform maximum speed at 1.5 times and load capacity at 2 times.

24V Pulse motor

Pressing operation using a high thrust like in air cylinder. RCP2 series

RCP2 series is a next generation cylinder type that utilise a feature in pulse motor to generates a high thrust in a low rotation.

24V Pulse motor

Lower price and higher ability to maintenance. RCP3 series

Electric cylinder mounted on pulse motor gives a better output in push operation and coming to a complete stop.

24V Pulse motor

Electric cylinder with servo motor for a high load capacity. RCS2 series.

There are plenty of variations which corresponds to the space in the equipment, serving as an attraction.

200V Servo motor

High performance electric actuator in a compact size. RCS3 series.

RSC3 series has improved travelling performance and repeatable positioning accuracy.

200V Servo motor

Further price reduction on RCA2 series

Maintenance Improvement in RCA series

24V Servo motor

Additional round shape rod type for compact size actuator that can operate in 24V power. RCA series.

Rod type can install body part such as foot, trunnion, clavis and can replace with air cylinder as it is.

24V Servo motor

A new electric cylinder that mechanical engineer can operate and adjust.ERC3 series.

ERC3 series is a built-in controller type and easy to assemble, wire or adjust.

Controller body

A new electric cylinder that mechanical engineer can operate and adjust by built-in controller. ERC2 series.

ERC series is a built-in controller that is easy to install, wiring and adjust.

Controller body

Electric Rotary type on ROBO cylinder. ROBO ROTARY RCP2・RCS2

Electric Chuck type on ROBO cylinder. ROBO GRIPPER RCP2・RCS2

Ultra small electric RCD series with 12mm cross-section size.