Cartesian Actuator

Variety combination, wide operating range and high speed performance are now effective. Also a line up of lower price product.

Orthogonal robot (IK/ICSA/ICSPA Series) is a combination unit that is able to use by applying push bracket and wiring to a high combination pattern that often uses, then set this combination unit to the equipment.

Features 1 Variety of combination.

Variety of variation of 5 models of 2 axis combination as a base, 3rd axis added to vertical axis, 4th axis added to vertical and rotating axis, 2 unit of Y axis/Z axis combination on multi slider X axis to be 6th axis combination.

Features 2 Wide operation range and high speed performance

Operation range for orhtogonal robot is maximum 4155mm x 400mm (or 3000mm x 700mm), a lot wider than the current model. Also shorter cycle time due to the high speed performance of long stroke at maximum 2500mm/s by using nut rotating type actuator and linear servo actuator at X axis.

Features 3 Additional lineup for IA kit with a lower price and quick delivery.

Additional of IA kit "IK series" that can easily be installed to a variety of types and lower price ROBO Cylinder such as the orthogonal robot.
IA kit can be delivered as individual part for assembly or as an assembled part with 2 axis/3 axis.
Lower price and quicker delivery compare to orthogonal robot that combined with single axis robot.

Combination of highly often used bracket and wiring preparation. ICSB/ICSPB series

Significantly improved on precision, load capacity, acceleration/deceleration comparing to the existing model of ICSA series.

5 variety types of highly often uses. ICSA2/ICSPA2

Several sizes line up from a light weight load to a heavy weight load, or from a short stroke to a long stroke.

Combination type added evertical axis to the base of 2 axis combination type. ICSA3/ICSPA3 series

The way to fix Z axis is from this two Z axis base and Z axis slider.

It can be combination of orthogonal 4 axis/6axis. ICSA4/ICSPA4/ICSPA6 series

It is a unit that can use equipment immediately after delivery
by preparing bracket and wiring for combination pattern that is often used.

Lower price and quick delivery. IK2/IK3 series

Significant cost reduction compared to the existing orthogonal robot.