Single Axis Robots

High accuracy positioning device. Reduce work process of design, adjustment and lower cost.

More accuracy, rigidity, transfer performance, speed, and acceleration than ISA series. ISB/ISPB series.

ISA series is a high performance single axis robot that newly improved from the base.

Dustproof and waterproof specification to prevent foreign object entering inside the body. ISDB/ISPDB series.

ISB series equipped with stainless steel sheet.

Significant rigidity enhancement. SSPA series

Base material changed from aluminium to steel which helps create a greater rigidity.

Base, linear guide, ball screw are in one unit as a standard model. ISA/ISPA series.

Body built-in dustproof and waterproof to protect from foreign objects getting inside. ISDA/ISPDA series.

ISDA/ISPDA series is a simple dustproof specification equipped with stainless steel sheet.

Belt drive single axis robot capable with long stroke and high speed transfer. IF series

High-rigidity body of ISA series were adopted to IF series.

Belt drive single axis robot with long stroke at maximum of 3000mm and high speed at maximum of 2000mm/s. FS series

Cycle time reduction because of Performance at maximum speed of 2400mm/s and maximum acceleration at 1 G, also multi slider. NS series

Nut rotating type actuator.

Rotating axis RS series that uses high precision harmonic drive.

Compact & high speed ZR series that can do vertical and rotating operation within one unit.