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TB-02/TB-03 Update File

Update procedure

①Download the update file (ZIP file).

②Extract the downloaded update file (ZIP file).

③ Place the unzipped file "TB02_411pct" directly under the root folder of the SD card.

④Update by following the direction found on the procedure manual (PDF).

TB-02 Update
TB-03 Update
[Update File] Same file is used for both TB-02 and TB-03.
Name Version Release date Update file
File name Download
Update files for
TB-02 and


TB02_411.pct TB02_411. zip(26.5MB)
※ Precautions when handling update files ※
 1. After downloading, be sure to unzip the ZIP file.
 2. Please handle it as "TB02_411. pct" in the unzipped state.
 3. Please put it directly under the root folder of the SD card and update it.
 4. Please read the procedure manual (PDF) before starting work.

[Procedure Manual]
Name Download
Procedure Manual TB-02 TB02_SW-Update_Rev211J.pdf(1.3MB)
TB-03 TB03_SW-Update_Rev100J.pdf(1.2MB)