Electric Actuator

What is Electric Actuator?
Electric actuator is responsible for an operation such as production unit, production line, or for machine, transportation using a driving unit constructed with ball screw, linear guide and servo motor or with. as a group of performance product are provided to meet a required specification so it is not necessary to select/calculate part again which will improve design efficiency.

Furthermore, with a convenient function of high rigidity, acceleration/deceleration setting, and speed control as well as rodless air cylinder will contribute much lower cost.

Moreover, a special feature is it is difficult to break when comparing to air cylinder, yet easy to change part, as a result, it will reduce a risk of production stop from back up stop or maintenance, and contributes high production efficiency with a lower running cost.

To save more space change to electric cylinder. The operation is as simple as air cylinder

Various line up of high performance, convenience and economic effeiciency to serve customer needs.

  • RCP5 Series
    No need to change battery, no expense, and no adjustment for Batteryless Absolute Encoder.

  • RCP4 Series
    RCP4 series is an electric cylinder combined with new model of controller "Power Con 150 PCON-CA" that can perform maximum speed at 1.5 times and load capacity at 2 times.

  • RCP2 series

    RCP2 series is a next generation cylinder type that utilise a feature in pulse motor to generates a high thrust in a low rotation.

  • RCP3 series

    Electric cylinder mounted on pulse motor gives a better output in push operation and coming to a complete stop.

  • RCS2 series

    There are plenty of variations which corresponds to the space in the equipment, serving as an attraction.

  • RCS3 Series
    RSC3 series has improved travelling performance and repeatable positioning accuracy.

  • RCA2 series

    Maintenance Improvement in RCA series

  • RCA series

    Rod type can install body part such as foot, trunnion, clavis and can replace with air cylinder as it is.

  • ERC3 Series
    ERC3 series is a built-in controller type and easy to assemble, wire or adjust.

  • ERC2 series

    ERC series is a built-in controller that is easy to install, wiring and adjust.


    Electric Rotary Type for ROBO Cylinder

    Electric Chuck Type for ROBO Cylinder

  • RCD series

    Ultra compact type electric cylinder with a cross-section size of 12mm

High accuracy positioning device. Reduce work process of design, adjustment and lower cost.

  • ISB/ISPB Series

    ISA series is a high performance single axis robot that newly improved from the base.

  • ISDB/ISPDB Series

    ISB series equipped with stainless steel sheet.

  • SSPA Series

    Base material changed from aluminium to steel which helps create a greater rigidity.

  • ISA/ISPA Series

    Base, linear guide, ball screw are in one unit as a standard model.

  • ISDA/ISPDA Series

    ISDA/ISPDA series is a simple dustproof specification equipped with stainless steel sheet.

  • IF Series

    High-rigidity body of ISA series were adopted to IF series.

  • FS Series

    Drive belt single robot has proof the Longest stroke at maximum 3000mm, and maximum high speed at 2000mm/s

  • NS Series

    Nut rotating type actuator.

  • RS Series

    Rotating axis uses high precision harmonic drive.

  • ZR Series

    This one unit is Compact with High speed and supporting vertical and rotating operation.

Full line up that serve various application. New encoder system product also available.

  • LSA/LSAS series

    Corresponding to high speed, high load, high precision and long stroke.

Variety combination, wide operating range and high speed performance are now effective. Also a line up of lower price product.

  • ICSB / ICSPB SeriesNEW

    Significantly improved on precision, load capacity, acceleration/deceleration comparing to the existing model of ICSA series.

  • ICSA2 / ICSPA2 Series

    Several sizes line up from a light weight load to a heavy weight load, or from a short stroke to a long stroke.

  • ICSA3 / ICSPA3 Series

    The way to fix Z axis is from this two Z axis base and Z axis slider.

  • ICSA4/ICSPA4/ICSPA6 Series

    By applying the push bracket and wiring to a high combination pattern that is often used, then join this combination unit to the equipment and it is ready to use.

  • IK2/IK3 Series

    Significant cost reduction compared to the existing orthogonal robot.

High Speed and high acceleration/deceleration creates a shorter cycle time. Square motion range is highly efficient.

  • CT4 SeriesNEW

    The newly developed cast aluminium frame ensures a high rigidity.

Usability and high function are packed into the compact form. Robots with lower cost.

  • TT/TTA seriesNEW

    Lower price and high function table top type robot is now available.

A top class with high performance. Significantly improved on Usability.

  • IXP SeriesNEW

    Batteryless absolute encoder as standard equipment. A lower cost SCARA Robot (Horizontal multi joints robot) with pulse motor.

  • IX Series

    Top class level in high speed, high load and high precision SCARA Robot (Horizontal multi joints robot).

Please see the product that corresponding to clean room or dustproof-waterproof environment.